Chapter 3

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“I take responsibility for Bliss’s social affairs so while I do write the cards, the gifts themselves are always chosen by Bliss,” 

“Ha ha, you don’t have to make excuses for your boss like that. Everyone knows that someone like Bliss Auckland doesn’t have the time to go shopping like that. By the way Bliss,” 


“Is something going on these days? It seems Mihael Nevzlin is digging after you…” 

“I guess they must be wanting to make a deal with me,” 

“I heard it was about his laughter… it seems his little daughter has set her sights on you?” 

“No way. I have no plans for a stay in prison for getting entangled with a minor at this age. Neither do I want to become infamous in the Russian mafia social circles,” 

“You might think like that but Hollywood teenagers shouldn’t be considered normal teenagers. Take care of yourself, a single mistake can take everything away,” 

Jin glanced at Bliss, thinking on the meaningful words from Jake. Bliss only shrugged and moved on from the topic of Elena. 

Even if he was the chairman of Sutherland, if that much had already reached his ears, then it seemed like the issue was beginning to snowball. Jin sighed. 

From the age of 15, he had spent nearly 15 years at Bliss’s side watching his many relationships with women and nothing had ever been nearly as messy as this one. 

Bliss had a meticulous personality when it came to tying up loose ends and breaking off a relationships. While they were together, he would treat the women he dated like they were queens and would neatly break everything off and return to being friends when it was over. 

In addition to that, he had a discerning eye and never got close to women who would be trouble in the first place and thank to that, even though he had dated so many women, there weren’t any particularly bad rumours about him. 

So this time too, he was doing his best to somehow not draw Elena’s attention but it seemed the task would be a little difficult this time. It was clear that their opponent was not ordinary. Rather, she was beyond the realms of extraordinary too. 

Since they had entered the party, even Jin could feel the piercing gaze that had been directed at Bliss the entire time. He could tell she was someone who felt both love and resentment deeply. 

Jin, who was eyeing the slowly gathering crowd around grandpa Kentucky and Bliss, sneaked a glance at Elena when he could. 

She was wearing a red cocktail dress, with a gold chanel clutch in had and red Louboutin heels, her hair was done in up long classic waves – she looked like she had just stepped out from the pages of a fashion magazine. But she had a gaze as though she would like to take a bite out of him with her bright red lips. 

Jin took a step back and tapped Bliss’s arm, 

“Wait here a second,” 

“Hm, why?”

For some reason, Bliss’s tone was sweet. 

They would normally talk quickly and familiarly but today, for some reason, Jin felt that he was become usually nice. But right now, there was something that was more important than that – so he grabbed Bliss’s arm and pulled him down to whisper in his ear, 

“Stalker at 9 O’ clock. You take care of it. I don’t want a hold in my head.” 

After explaining the matter as simply and quickly as he could, Jin tried to run away but Bliss grabbed his arm and stopped him. 

“But you can’t leave me along. Why do you think I brought you here?” 

“What, you want me to be your bodyguard?” 

“Stop her with your body,” 

“What if I get shot in the head? That clutch is too big! Why did Chanel have to make such a big clutch?”  Jin grumbled. 

Wasn’t it normal for a clutch to be able to fit a pack of cigarettes and a cellphone at the most? Clutches for parties were colourful but they were so useless for storage that he had previously wondered many times why people even bothered with them. 

But the one Elena had was a silver and gold clutch the size of a Chanel medium classic. Jin wanted to run away because she could easily be hiding a gun in there. 

It seemed Bliss, who was aware that Elena normally didn’t carry anything bigger than a coin purse, was also concerned about the size of her bag today no matter how trendy it was. 

“If there’s a gun in there, you have to protect me. You’re the taekwondo boy aren’t you?” 

“Don’t make me laugh. Is that something the guy who knocked me out with a roundhouse kick should be saying? Me protect you? If you want to die, go die alone.” 

A Jin tried to yank his arm away from Bliss to runaway, Bliss, who had already been whispering with Jin, turned back to the people gathered around them and smiled. 

“Jin doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Please excuse us for a moment,”

When Bliss persistently followed him as if he planned to die together, Jin whispered, 

“Do you really want to take me to the afterlife with you?” As he blatantly tried to push Bliss’s hand off him. 

“Well, I can’t die alone now can I?” 


“Let’s go. We should come up with some kind of countermeasure first.” 

With that said, he began to lead the way to the lounge this time.

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