Chapter 5

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“Why aren’t you answering your phone?” 

As she took a step toward the gloomy veranda, Jin reflexively hopped off the railing and stood upright. 

Just one glance at the atmosphere told him that it was time to leave Bliss behind and run away. Since this was Bliss’s business anyway, he would have to handle it himself. 

“Bliss, I should get going,” 

Just as he was about to take a step forwards to sneak past Elena, who was approaching them with her long legs like she was walking on the runway, Bliss grabbed him by the arm. 

Jin looked back at Bliss with a face that looked like he was about cry but he held on to Jin’s arm as if he wouldn’t let go even if he died. 

But Bliss wasn’t looking at Jin, he smiled awkwardly – it just looked like his face muscles were convulsing as he tried to explain himself to this teenage girl who was only an adult on the outside. 

“Did you call me? I recently lost my cellphone. I’ve changed to a new one now but I guess you were still using the old number,” 

“Don’t lie!” 

“It can’t be a lie – it’s not like I have a reason to avoid you. How’s your father doing?” 

“Don’t change the subject. Why are you avoiding me?!” 

At that very direct question, Jin turned his face away and closed his eyes. His mouth was itching to go crazy and say

‘You silly little lady, why else would he avoid you? It’s because you’re a minor and the daughter of a mafia boss’ – he wanted to say that but he knew as soon as he did, Elena would open her stupid pouch and take out her pistol, so he swallowed the words in his throat. 

“I’ve said this so many times, over and over again…I think of you like my sister. There’s no reason for me to avoid you,” 

“Who needs a brother? I have enough brothers to be sick and tired of them – I asked you to go on a date with me just once didn’t I?” 

“If you’re dad and brothers are coming with you, then I’ll think about it,” 

“Do you still think I’m a little kid?” 

“15 is an age where you still need your family’s protection. You and me can’t happen either way,” 

“Why? I might be 15 but I know everything there is to know,” 

“Knowing isn’t the problem…” 

“Are you scared of the law? Don’t worry about it. I’ll keep it a secret. Let’s keep this a secret between the two of us.” 

What secret was she talking about when Jin was right next to them? At that moment, he felt Bliss put more strength into his grip and flinched. It was at that moment. 

“That’s not the problem, Elena,” 

Right. Jin was internally muttering to himself. The law wasn’t the biggest problem here, your father was the problem – but he almost screamed at Bliss’s next words. 

“I’m gay.” 

As soon as Jin’s head snapped to Bliss, his eyes clearly screaming ‘Is this guy crazy?’ Bliss pulled Jin’s body close and held him with an arm around his neck and then continued speaking, 

“This guy is my lover,” 

“…Are you telling me to believe that right now?” 

“Well whether you believe it or not. It’s not going to happen. I’ve been lying to protect this guy so far, but I don’t want to lie to a girl with a pure and clear soul like you. I’m gay.” 

While Bliss continued with his nonsense, Jin was on the verge of fainting. 

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