Chapter 6

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He vaguely understood Bliss’s thoughts. 

If he agreed to even date her for the sake of dating her, then he had gotten involved with the minor daughter of a mafia boss, but if he refused completely, then he’s a perverted stalker and she had a pistol for self defence. 

So, he understood theneed to think of an appropriate excuse and get out of the situation completely by unfolding this gay story. In a way, Bliss’s words and actions were a very wise choice right now. 

There were only 3 people here right now. And no one else in the world would believe that Bliss Auckland, who was second-to-none when it came to liking women, was gay. Even if the rumour spread, Elena wouldn’t probably have much to do with it because it was embarrassing that the man she had chased had turned her down because he was gay. 

So he understood the logic that as long as he convinced this brainless little girl, she would give up and he could get away with it. 

 I mean, it’s not like she would go to her dad and say ‘the guy I liked turned out to be gay, please kill him for me,’ would she? 

Even if she did, they might rough him up a little but they wouldn’t kill him since in the end, he didn’t lay a hand on her. 

Everything was good. 

Jin understood the plan. 

The problem was Bliss was holding him right now. Which implied that even he was gay. 

I mean, he was gay – but he was still holding out the hope that maybe he wasn’t. 

So why was Bliss cementing in the sexuality he hadn’t even come to terms with yet? 

While Jin grinded his teeth, thinking about how to get revenge on Bliss for this later, he heard Elena’s voice that made shivers go down his spine. 

“Bliss… that doesn’t make sense. You’re lying right? A famous misandrist like you? There’s no way,” 

Elena’s voice trembled with astonishment, and Bliss’s very serious and sincere voice could followed, 

“Elena, I mean it. So please give up on me. For the past 10 years, I’ve only had him.” 

Jin knew he was good at lying, but Bliss’s acting skills were truly great right now. Even Jin wondered for a moment if Bliss truly liked him. 

“I can’t… believe it,” 

“What would make you believe it?” 

Bliss let out a long sigh at Elena’s words, it was a bittersweet, painful sigh. When he heard that sigh, Jin almost believed that maybe Bliss did truly like him and while he was wandering through the fog of misunderstanding, Bliss asked Elena again in a soft tone, 

“… Even with this…?” 

And the next moment he… 


“I’ll kill you someday, Bliss Auckland,” 

When he recalled it again, Jin rubbed his lips with the back of his left hand, which wasn’t holding the steering wheel, in anger. 

He was left with a thousand regrets since he’d met him. No a thousand regrets since he came to America. 

[“Now~  America has been shaken up. Did you all see the news this morning? There was an article in US Weekly – ‘Who is Bliss Auckland’s lover?’ – that’s the title. Who do you think it is?”]

“You morons. Do you actually believe that?” 

 After the lively country song ended, Jin made a noise of anger at the DJ’s remarks and turned off the radio – switching it to the stereo instead. In face, he knew that people won’t believe that article. He didn’t believe it. 

You’d just shrug it off as gossip. But people find things like this interesting to talk about. 

The article that the Prince of a conglomerate family, a bigshot who was famous misandrist, who decorated the gossip magazines with the beautiful stars they envied – was just funny. 

The problem was that he didn’t know when that arrow would fly towards him next. 

  “Just how many reporters did bird-legs interview with…?” 

Yes, this was Bliss and his own mistake. They didn’t expect Elena to mention things to reporters out of embarrassment. 

Fortunately, she didn’t reveal his name, but just throwing the bait for the reporters was out of their expectations. 

Jin felt like he was about burst from frustration, and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it in anger as he lowered the car window. 

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