Chapter 79

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As soon as Rockefeller mentioned wanting to quit his job, Carter sprang forwards to pacify him. 

“No, don’t talk about quitting. Can’t we just go about it normally this one time?” 

“And what’s the normal way?” 

“What else would it be? Just like how we’ve done so up until now, just lending out the amount of money we have in the safe instead of lending out money we don’t actually have as well.” 

Rockefeller calmly shook his head. 

Carter who was reluctant now, would end up changing his mind as soon as he saw the huge pile of money he would end up making. 

Rockefeller who knew that very well, decided to push ahead with his own agenda instead of compromising with what Carter was currently comfortable with since the results would change his mind anyway. 

“No. There is absolutely no way. If you want to keep me by your side then Ajusshi needs to make a decision now as well. Whether you’ll trust me again this time, or whether you will go back to your old way of doing things and lose me as an assistant.” 

Rockefeller tried to express his determination and resolve with his eyes, he was not going to budge on this. 

“The final decision will be yours Ajusshi.” 

“Haah… this brat…” 

Carter looked truly flustered when Rockefeller pushed him to choose between the two options. 

Where else could you find this kind of assistant? 

‘What is with this kid? To come up with an idea like this and actually try to put it into action.’

If he wasn’t a completely crazy – then what was he?

What was he so desperately trying to prove? What would he become?

‘I don’t know. I don’t know what the hell I’m working with here.’ 

As he sighed a few more times to stall for time, Carter realised there was no way of getting around this, and reluctantly agreed. 

He had decided to go along with Rockefeller’s crazy words and believe in them once. 

Things had gone well so far, and if things continued to go well, then as Rockefeller said, they could really make a lot of money with this. 

“To be honest, it still doesn’t make sense for me. This matter is something that falls completely out of my understanding of the world. If you didn’t do your work well, I would have never allowed it.” 

At those words, Rockefeller grinned widely. 

“Carter Ajusshi, don’t think about it in such a complicated way, just look at the results. Even if you don’t get it, you’ll probably be satisfied.” 

“Sure, that’s true. As long as there really are no problems.” 

When Carter started speaking his anxious thoughts again, Rockefeller nodded confidently, before he could talk himself out of it. 

“I can guarantee, there absolutely won’t be any problem with this. I’m sure there are other people in the world who do this to. And if not in this world then certainly in another world.” 

Having finished up their conversation, Carter and Rockefeller returned to the front of the shop where the Lord had waited for them, though he looked slightly uncomfortable after having waited some time.

“So I can borrow the 5000 Talents right?” 

With how dire the situation actually was, and the Lord being who he was, he was determined to borrow the amount he had heard the first time. 

He had thrown out any wisdom passed down from his predecessor and was more concerned with making sure he lived through the present circumstances first and foremost. 

If problems arose because he had borrowed too much money, then he was someone who was more than willing to use his authority to resolve any obstacles. 

He was the owner of this land. 

Even if he borrowed an amount that he refused to pay back, what could a mere businessman do to him? 

“Our apologies for making you wait, my lord,” 

“That’s fine, I’m more interested in hearing your answer. I’m sure you aren’t coming back here to tell me you don’t have the money?” 

“Ah, of course not.” 

“So I suppose that means I can borrow 5000 Talents immediately?” 

Well he had some nerve. To think this Lord was so unhesitating when borrowing an amount that was tens-of-times larger than the amounts he normally borrowed. 

“But, are you truly wanting to borrow the full 5000 Talents?” 

“Can’t I? We have no idea what might end up happening to the territory, I could easily end up needing that amount of money.” 

“It just seems that you’re borrowing far more than you normally borrow.” 

“Is there a problem with that?” 

“It’s not that I don’t understand the Lord’s desire to protect the territory…” 

Carter nervously kept an eye on the Lord’s expression as he spoke, 

“It’s just that the amount of money you’re borrowing this time is so large – it’s not the few hundred Talents that you normally borrow but rather 5000 Talents – I was worried that borrowing such a large amount might cause the Lord more trouble in the future.” 

The Lord’s gaze sharpened like daggers and landed on Carter. 

“Look here, are you questioning my integrity? I am the master of this territory.” 

“Ah, of course not. Of course there is no way I wouldn’t trust my Lord.” 

“Then you can just lend it to me. What is with all this chatter?” The Lord grumbled with a look of great displeasure. 

“Why does it seem from the outside like I’m someone who would scam away the money here? I’m not someone so shameless.” 

“Of course there is no way the Lord could scam us. That wasn’t what I meant at all…” 

“Enough. If you are going to lend it to me, then do it. The situation is urgent and I don’t have the time to be loitering around here.” 

Like I know this is a pivotal moment in the story that sort of signifies where the turn around in Rockefeller’s fate happened up COME ON let’s move on with this conversation already.

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Thanks for the chapter! I want to see Rockefeller’s becoming a noble!!!


I’m not sure how he intend to trap the lord. Will he rile up the citizens, saying the word borrowed everything so he can’t reimburse them ? That would still affect trust as they would wonder why their coins were given to the lord in the first place.

Also, do they intend to give the lord notes about his own debts ? Or perhaps they will loan him in multiple installments ( like 2500 coins right now which would be half and then another later), then throw notes in the market (for money that doesn’t exist) in exchange for gold to make up the real gold the lord wants before the second paiement.

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