Chapter 8 Part 1

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Park Kang-joon’s mood had bottom out and was approaching its limit. It was unusual for him, who was always cheerful, so the entire filming site was full of tension as he couldn’t hide his anger that reaches its limit due to the constant popping of events. 

Lee Si-hyun, when that name comes out he greeted his teeth, he wondered if his teeth would wear out a little bit. He didn’t like anything from the beginning, but it was inevitable.

He was the most popular drama director these days, as it often said, his debut drama film ”Dramatic Show” was  a hit, and his drama after that has also been on the rise.

Thanks to this, it goes without saying that all production companies are constantly sending love calls without a break. 

The investor’s pressure him to include Lee Si-hyun as a supporting role in his drama was badly taking a hit on his pride. Lee Si-hyun who has a bad reputation and only has a good looks that keeping him afloat in this industry.

Park Kang-joon already knew the level of Lee Si-hyun’s acting, which he refused several time saying that he didn’t like his role, but ended up accepting.

From the time he showed his face on a minor role, he thought that his face was really awesome, but when you look at him closely, there was nothing else to see except that. He only has his good looks nothing more.

It was in the drama where he played as a lead actor. It was a typical melodrama in which crying and emotional lines were intricately intertwined and Lee Si-hyun in that drama, where he looked at a woman who loved him enough to turn her back on her family and friends; Lee Si-hyun was really unpredictable.

In particular, there was no way that he would not notice that sharp eyebrows when there was a kiss scene or a contact scene. How can an idol with such a face ruin a drama by being an actor and appear on tv show? It has been more than a year since he turned off the TV before the drama ended because he was dumbfounded. But he never thought he’ll use such an actor.

“You’re still here?”

“What? Uh, it’s not time for his shoot yet, director.”

“Sigh, all the schedule was delayed because of him, I’ll have to come up and wait the day before, it’s so annoying”


In fact, it wasn’t much of a delay. Lee Si-hyun’s “Ji-han” was a character who began to appear in the fourth episode, and it was not such a tight schedule, but because he was filming other actors in advance. The assistant director, who was next to him, couldn’t help but laugh awkwardly at the sight of the director grumbling and complaining.

“Once he makes you a target, he will grill you even when you don’t do anything” 

They had no choice but to laugh awkwardly.

In fact, he was surprised to hear that Lee Si-hyun died in a car accident. 

It was dark for a moment when he saw a news article that said “Lee Si-hyun left the guardrail due to a brake failure and died instantly on the spot while driving a van alone in the middle of the night” 

He also remembered the down payment Lee Si-hyun received, followed by his supporting role.

In fact, it is very unfortunate for the deceased who died unfortunately, but in his view, it was fortunate and half unfortunate. Because “Ji-han”, who is sure to be ruined by Lee Si-hyun’s acting skills, and was an indispensable character in the drama. When he was thinking about whether it would be better to cast a new actor with strong acting skills at this opportunity, he heard the news that Lee Si-hyun survived.

“I feel like I was hit again with hammer on the back of my head”

He stopped calling other actors in a hurry and got into a mental breakdown, but he wonder how this person would feel.

Director Park has a narcissistic tendency, but he has a childish aspect, so there was a clear distinction between what he likes and what he doesn’t. It’s basic to give actors who can’t act face-to-face interview, and even though they’re pleasant, they don’t go through filters when they work, they usually get along so well and turn into tigers when they get cue signs.

They couldn’t refute it because they were right comments, not useless criticism. It was natural that he didn’t like Lee Si-hyun because he was such a man. He hated the incompetent actor, and despised the actor who had no ability but had connections.

Lee Si-hyun is the latter, so it’s more like that.

Thinking how blatantly he would be steeped on in the future, the supporting director shook his head, which became somehow pitiful. He didn’t like it himself, but producer Park is like that.

It was not long after the filming site, which was so busy, became strangely noisy, and was probably murmuring about Lee Si-hyun’s whereabouts.

“What is it?”

He turned his head to the buzzing side and saw someone coming in his way.


It was Lee Si-hyun looking so amazing with that face.

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