Chapter 8 Part 2

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Glancing at the rearview mirror with anxious eyes seemed to say that it was already ruined. The manager, who focused on driving but couldn’t help but to keep worrying about the back, was now anxious and nervous, and felt like he was about to die.

“Is this really a good thing? I mean, I will just take him to the set, and they said they’ll already begin to film him…”

It was Si-Hyun’s question a few days ago that guided the manager who had already been anxious, into more realistic anxiety. 

After returning to the dorm, it was a day or two that he looked at Si-hyun, who shared a room with Chan, as if he was looking at a ticking bomb that might explode at any time, and as he was living without any problems, anxiety gradually turned into relief. 

He feels like Si-hyun would burst out screaming over the door.

But on the contrary, Chan and Si-hyun’s room was too quiet. If Sanyu and Euihyun’s room were noisy, it would have been louder.

The manager sighed deeply when he realized that it was fortunate that Si-hyun had lost his memory even it was supposed not to.

Then, when Si-hyun, who came out of the door, made eye contact with him, his body trembled like a child doing something bad. 

“Did he find out what I just thought? I couldn’t be because I was thinking inside”

He avoided Si-hyun’s eyes like he was pricked. 

Si-hyun come up to the sofa where the manager was sitting, he had something to do with him from the beginning and asked him.

“Are you busy?”

“No, of course I’m not busy. Ha ha”

Si-hyun, who didn’t care much about his awkward smile, nodded his head slightly with a script in his hand.

“What is it?” 

Si-hyun’s mouth opened to the manager’s face, which is full of questions.

“I don’t know what ‘E’ is, and ‘N’ is, I can get a flashback roughly but, ah I don’t get what O.L is either”

The manager’s mind was blank at the moment when he was asked one by one while slowly pointing at the script with his fingertips. 

He knew that Si-hyun lost his memory, but when he was asked something so realistic, he suddenly felt sure that he really did lost his memory.

What Si-hyun asked was a basic term of the drama script. The signs and other terms written Jihan ‘E’ and Jihan ‘N’ were certainly difficult for a stranger to understand without explanation. 

“Can we really film this?”

The manager, who has been filming with Si-hyun several times, began to explain the terms and marks asked by Si-hyun one by one, even though he felt that the questions he had buried while pretending not to know began to creep up to the surface. 

“E stands for Effect, and N stands for Narration”


The manager, who looks at Si-hyun’s face nodding as if he knew it for the first time whenever he explained one by one, wanted to cry at some point.

As Hajin, who didn’t watch the drama in the first place, everything was unfamiliar, so he was flipping through the script with what he had just heard in his head, and eventually the manager, who couldn’t stand it, asked in a trembling voice.

“I…Si-hyun, you know…..”


“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay? Huh? Can you really shoot a drama?”

“If you can’t do it, tell me now, if you really don’t think this is the right time, Let’s pass this shoot! Huh?”

He looked like he was going to burst into tears. Si-hyun, who looked at the manager as if he was a little surprised by the sudden change in his emotions, soon bent the corner of his lips.


“Are you laughing? Why are you laughing?”

The manager was now muttering grudgingly in a crying voice. 

 “Si-hyun… this is no joke, if they find out about your situation and how you lost your memory, it’s really over. You might not know this but to be honest… you have over a million Anti-fans! I never told you this before but your image is was beyond repairable, you sucks at acting too! Who the hell looks at the woman they love the most with that expression? Even I was lost in words after watching it… I can’t even imagine how the viewers must felt…. The only thing good thing in you is your face, what am I supposed to do?! ….”


In the end, Si-hyun’s face was embarrassed to look down at the manager who couldn’t overcome his weak heart and burst into tears and said almost dissing words at the end.

He’s really crying. Even if he didn’t say anything, he had no choice but to burst into laughter again after the current situation which was the worst, constantly spreading one after another. It was because the object to cry seemed to have changed.

“If it’s the way it is, shouldn’t you comfort me who loses my memory and doesn’t know what’s what?”

Si-hyun, who was still laughing absurdly at the manager who started to wail more on Si-hyun’s smiling face while imagining such a thing, eventually reach out.

“…you promised me you would stop crying, you said it yourself, so stop crying now”

The fingertips brushed against the wet cheek were soft. 

He thought he knew roughly what he was nervous about.

“To be honest, I can’t say for sure that I can do well.”


“Don’t worry; I won’t be a laughing stock”

The round rabbit-eyed manager blinked and asked


Then Si-hyun, who smiled somewhere, replied.

“Simple, I will make them not laugh”

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