Chapter 9 Part 1

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On the day of the shoot.

Unlike the manager, who looked like he would be taken to the hospital at any moment, Si-hyun’s face was still calm. On the way to the filming site, without even memorizing the script, he leisurely looked out the window and was immersed in his thoughts. But the manager, who barely persevered and looked in the rearview mirror, opened his mouth to say the same thing for the fifth time already.

“Si-hyun-ah, at the filming sight, say hello straight away. Greet all the staff… Even if they ask you for an autograph or a handshake, don’t look at them like they’re some garbage….”


“Anyway, now that everyone knows your personality, there probably won’t be any of them… but still… Still….”

“In particular, you have to be very polite to the director, okay? The director’s personality isn’t bad, but he’s notorious for being strict…. Once we go there, there’s no turning back, but in fact, it looks like we’ve already been filmed…? Ha ha ha ha ha. No what, haha it feels like it would kill me? Haha, Si-hyun-ah. Si-hyun, what if we die? I feel like my heart hurts while driving. huh? What do we do?”

“… Then shall I drive?”

Only then did Si-hyun’s gaze turned to look out the window again at the sight of his manager who barely shut his mouth.

After a while, they arrived at the filming site and it was full of people. Si-hyun, who had never been to a place like this, blinked his eyes and looked around, he was nervous, someone dragged him out saying that he had to go to the waiting room to change clothes and put on makeup.

There was really tension in the way he was still looking around while being led by the hand without resistance. 

“Ugh, I’d rather die than get sick”

The manager, who took a deep breath, greeted the people he met along the way, and Si-hyun, who was behind him, greeted them in a relax manner.


“Is that really Lee Si-hyun? That Lee Si-hyun saying hello? Did I see it wrong…?”

Si-hyun’s personality was so famous that everyone in the filming site knew about Si-hyun’s personality, when he was stuck in the waiting room because he was shy and he would pass by without greeting or saying goodbye. 

Everyone was so shocked and rubbed their eyes at the sight of Si-hyun who was greeting them, but even then, they were still astonished at the sight that did not disappear.

Si-hyun, who went into the waiting room without knowing such circumstances, just looked at the stylist team, who draw back at him, and the individual staff who came on an errand from the shop with wondering eyes.

Si-hyun Lee, who started from the early days of his debut, always arrived in a separate vehicle despite having a team of dedicated stylists, but Si-hyun, unaware of this, only glances at the tense and stiff faces he sees for the first time and has no questions. He opened his mouth on behalf of the manager, who hurriedly ran to somewhere.

“They told me to change clothes and get my makeup done.”

He went to the salon and dyed his hair, but he didn’t get the makeup because he didn’t have time.

Cody, still in a stiff posture, as if awakened by the low but soft voice, approached and pointed to the outfit laid out on the table in advance. 

“You can change into the suit here, and when you come out, you can do your makeup and hair over there…”

He seemed terrified, explaining in a crawling voice. Since Si-hyun was afraid of touching his body, it was always embarrassing to change his outfit or makeup on the spot, but it was not uncommon for him to prepare everything in the salon and go alone in his personal schedule.

It was natural that they didn’t get along well, but it was the first time they’d seen each other since the accident, so he didn’t know what to do. Si-hyun had heard without a hint of urgency nodded and replied, thank you.


As if he had been stung by a bee, Si-hyun tilted his head said thank you with a puzzled face.

“Ah yes, yes, yes…”

Cody, who replied with a stretch of horsetail in a daze, quickly fled the waiting room.


It was a completely unknown behavior, but Si-hyun, who was moderately interested, changed clothes and went out as instructed. A black suit that was moderately clinging to the body was quite familiar.

He loosened the tie that tightened his neck a little and sat down in the chair that Cody mentioned earlier, as if waiting, a woman with a makeup box approached him and started putting on simple makeup. She knew Lee Si-hyun’s notoriety, but she didn’t look frightened because of what she had just seen with Si-hyun’s attitude towards Cody.

“What kind of man doesn’t have any pores?”

The staff, who came as a substitute because there were not enough people, moved their hands busily, admiring Si-hyun’s skin, which she had seen for the first time up close. Even though she was putting on makeup, it didn’t show much, so with half admiring and half envy, she stopped her hand gently tapping his forehead, and Si-hyun’s closed eyes slowly opened.

It wasn’t very saturated, but the transparent eyes that received the light were like glass grains. The exquisitely connected eye area was somehow colorful, and he barely endured the fact that his face became hot on its own.

“It’s not enough to have everything packed in such a small face. Such a beauty. Did you really save the country in your past life? Ha….” muttering inwardly

Si-hyun, who blinked his eyes once, opened his mouth.

“Are you done?”

“Yes? Oh no… I’ll just put a little shading on your eyes and finish it. Could you please close your eyes again?”

Hearing those words, he closed his eyes again. 

Si-hyun, who opened his eyes, looked at the mirror, thinking that his neat eyelashes had received some kind of extension and finished his makeup in a hurry. It seems like something has changed, but he haven’t been able to figure it out. 

He’s done everything he’s supposed to do, so he had guess that he is done now. 

Similarly, when he says thank you to the staff that did the makeup, the makeup artist opens her eyes wide and look at him. 

“Did I say something wrong?”

When he had such a question, the manager, who had disappeared somewhere, returned. After looking at the sloppy tie, drawing a question mark and straightening it, he hurriedly grabbed Si-hyun and rushed to the filming set.

Sorry about the long wait everyone. But it might be that you have to wait again for a while so bare with me!

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You’re back!!!
Hahaha, I guess they’re surprises that he’s being so docile

and thanks for the chapter!

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