Chapter 118

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From early that morning, nobles gathered in twos and threes, crowding the cafes of Astrishia street – the main topic of their discussion was of the contents of the letters that had been sent to them by carrier pigeons. 

[A brilliant light flashed as soon as Calian entered Sisipanian’s Nest]

After all, it was Calian, who was already famous for resembling Sispanian. Which was why opinions were thoroughly divided on what meaning such a phenomenon held. 

So many considered this to a sign that Sisipanian had chosen Calian has the next King that it was starting to sound a little too cliche. 

There was even the wild opinion that Calian could have been Sispanian herself. 

Which is why it was so natural for the teenagers of Kyrsis to flock to the ‘Preliminary Trainee Recruitment Test’ at the Polun Magic Academy – which also happened to start that very same day. Almost as if they had timed it knowing the news would be delivered today. 

“…Thank you for the tour,  Lord Manasil. I should be on my way now though.” Eurya, the Head of the Mage Association, quickly took a step back, her eyes sweeping over the the crowded test site of the magic academy.

Alan, who had been walking ahead of her, disappeared and reappeared directly behind Eurya. 

“Please don’t randomly warp like that! Just how difficult do you think that magic is?!” Before she had even realised it, Eurya had raised her voice in shock. 

Alan stood behind her, innocently smiling after using warp – it wasn’t even teleport. Warp was a sixth-circle level magic – something Eurya couldn’t use even if she wanted to and Alan was using that level of magic to just hold on to her. 

Whether he had taken her words in or not was unclear as Alan continued to smile softly and pointed to the chair placed at the middle of the table silently. 

The meaning was clear – quit fussing and go and sit down.

Eurya looked like she was about to cry. 

“Lord Manasil, the fact that Baron Melphir Pollun was going to open a magic academy is of course something I was very much aware of. I was also aware that that the preliminary trainee recruitment test is starting today. I truly welcome the sight of a magic academy opening in Kyris.”

She was being sincere when she said that. 

When thinking about the development of magic within Kyris because of this change, Eurya was truly happy and had sincerely delivered words of support to Melphir Pollun. 

“However, I am truly far too busy to be able to physically lend a hand in this endeavour.” 

As dawn broke on the day of the examination, Alan had come to find her. 

Then, all he said was there was somewhere they needed to be, and proceeded to drag Eurya all the way here. 

Wasn’t Eurya the head of the Mage Association? Although she had heard about the exam, she supposed it wouldn’t be a bad sight to sit through the exam with them to show her support for the academy. 

Despite having been dragged here, Eurya managed to convince herself and changed her plan of running away as soon as the opportunity presented itself. 

Which is why she decided to continue on with Alan to the long table set at the test site and fill in one of the seats their temporarily. She was even willing to serve has an invigilator for the exams if they were short-handed. 

But what was with that huge name plate on the desk?

[Eurya Seiren – Principle of Pollun Magic Academy]

Of the five name plates, why was it that the one with her name on it was the largest, placed in the middle and even lined with gold?

Eurya was very direct in her refusal. 

“Please make someone else do it.” 

Although Alan somewhat acknowledged what she said, nodding dismissively, he still pointed to the seat. Eurya let out a heavy sigh. 

And like that, without saying a single word, Alan had pulled in someone to help him with the matters of the magic academy. 

_ _ _

Time continued to flow. 

On the way back to the capital, Calian spent three days at Reddington Castle, wich was built on a low cliff by the lake. 

The reason it became three days instead of one was because Veronica’s horse hurt it’s legs. Due to the enhanced speeds they were travelling it at, thanks to Rachel’s magic, Veronica couldn’t avoid the pit in the road in time and fell. 

Fortunately, Kyrie immediately caught Veronica, so no one was injured and Veronica’s horse was only lightly injured so Hina’s healing was enough to resolve the issue. 

Of course Hina’s healing wasn’t powerful enough to heal everything in one go, so it took time for the horse to recover. 

Thanks to that though, they could spend some time at Reddington Castle, and Calian, who saw the scenery from the windows of the castle in the early morning, couldn’t help but appreciate the view. 

The huge lake and the blue sky in the morning fog looked quite splendid. 

“Oh!” A small exclamation had Calian turning slightly, though he already knew it was Kyrie who was stood behind him. 

“It’s so peaceful and beautiful,” he said. 

For even to Kyrie to speak like that, it truly was a wondrous place. 

Yan seemed to agree, as he put down a glass of warm mint tea, 

“The lord of this land, Viscount Reddington, is also the right person for such a place.” 

He was famous for being serious in his work but considerate to his people. 

“Since we will soon be in Kyrsis, it would be good to think of this place as a small break and get some rest.” 

“Yes, we should.” Calian nodded. It was Yan said, Kyrsis was only a 4 day journey from here. 

It was where not only Alan and Rumein, but Silica and Randell were waiting. Once he arrived back at the royal palace, it was clear that the circumstances would not allow him to leave again for quite some time and he would not be able to feel as relaxed as he does now. 

“It’s a place that makes you feel bad for leaving after just a day, so I’ll spend this time leisurely.” 

“Of course, your highness.” 

That ease…

The leisure that he was determined to enjoy – it only lasted for half a day. 

“… my god.”

That afternoon, Calian watched three carriages enter Reddington Castle from high above. The corner’s of Calian’s lips curled up when he saw the sword and gryphon pair that was engraved on the side of the carriage. 

“Was there ever a more welcome coincidence?”

It was the crest of the Brissen House. 

Sorry about the massive wait – it’s the longest one yet, although I still can’t promise regular updates, I can promise I won’t go MIA for months on end again lol

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I started reading this novel 5 days ago and i saw that this was the latest chapter after 3 months. Because of what happened to the author, i hope this would still be translated till the last chapter the author wrote 🙏🙇 above all else~ Thanks a lot for your hard work and more power!

Ps. That was such a cliffhanger for meeee~ waiting for the next chaptersss 😍😘💖


(idk what happened to my comment coz i didn’t see it so I’ll comment again..)

It’s really good to hear that no more MIA for months hahaha but please do take care of yourself and your private life, they’re important too. We can wait as long as it won’t suddenly stop haha

That last scene aaahhh the cliffhanger, wonder what will happen ><


Thanks for the chapter 😀


Moarrr, please


Thank you so much!!! I like this story and reading it makes me happy. Since English is not my language I think of phonetically write every chapter to gasp better how the words is pronounced. This is the extent of me liking this story! I feel the urge to “eat” every word until I remember them. 😁 Thank you so much for posting a new chapter! Have a good new year!


welcome back!!

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