Chapter 5

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

‘Wasn’t there another enormous gold vein discovered where they thought all the gold veins had been cut-off? I remember that.’ 

The Dwarven Kingdom’s territory was naturally absorbed into the Empire as the dwarves withdrew due to their inability to extract any more gold.

However, another gold vein was discovered shortly after that, and it was also the continent’s most significant gold vein. 

‘I’m the only one who knows this. There is no way anyone else knows except me. After all, it was long before the gold vein was even discovered.’

While Rockefeller was deep in thought, the third brother, Joshua, who had been quiet until now, began to weep, 

“Hyung, what do we do now? Are we going to be ploughing the fields as the lord said?” He asked, 

Commoners didn’t usually plough. Ploughing the fields was the job of serfs who were lower than commoners on the social hierarchy. 

“You idiot! Why would we plough the fields?! That’s what serfs do, and we’re commoners!” When the third child sobbed, the second child, Andrew Rothmedici, who was next to him, shouted in anger.

Going from being a commoner to a serf was a genuinely horrible premise for Andrew.

“I’m never going to go to the fields! Why would we become serfs!? Why would commoners plough the fields!”

“Then what do we do? You heard what the lord said earlier if we don’t plough the fields, how would we live? We’ll starve to death….”

Joshua seemed to compromise with the reality far more readily for some reason. Since the only other option would be to starve, he appeared ready to throw away his status and cultivate the fields. 

However, his status was more important for Andrew, and he would never tolerate throwing it away. He hastily turned to his older brother and said, 

“Rockefeller-hyung, we’re not going to the fields. Isn’t that right?” 

Among the kids of his age, he was a child who ruled the alleyways, but even he couldn’t ignore Rockefeller’s decision as the head of the family.

No matter how much he might hate it, he would have to follow if his eldest brother, Rockefeller, asked him to do it.

When his second brother’s earnest gaze started to become desperate, Rockefeller, who had finally made up his mind, slowly began to open his mouth. 

“As Joshua said, if we don’t go under the lord right away, it will be difficult for us to eat and survive. However, if we worry about starving to death now and going under the lord, we might be happy for the time being, but the problem will come after that,” 

Rockefeller looked at his younger siblings and asked, 

“You guys have dreams, right?” 

At that question, everyone except his younger sister slowly nodded their heads, 

“If you go under the lord right now, that dream will never come true. The lord wouldn’t allow it.” The freedom to pursue what you want to do. 

It was commoners who had that freedom and serfs who didn’t.

“And besides, you guys don’t want to spend the rest of your lives ploughing the fields, right?” 

At those words, Andrew came back to life and, with fire in his eyes, added, 

“You guys heard it too! Rockefeller-hyung is right! Living as a serf means chasing after the lord for the rest of your life. That’s not living! It’s just being a nameless slave!” 

It wasn’t like Joshua disagreed with that, so he didn’t argue strongly, but the problem right now was the hunger in their stomachs, 

“So what do we do then? How do we eat and live….” 

No matter what you did, there were taxes to pay, and everything was under the jurisdiction of the lord. 

In circumstances like that, it was difficult for children who had no practical skills to make money suddenly. 

“That…” Unable to answer his brother’s question, Andrew trailed off. Rockefeller, who had been calmly watching the scene, stepped forward, 

“We’ll find a way to make money somehow, so for now, let’s not give up easily,” 

Just then, their sister, who could not stand her hungry stomach, began to cry again. 

The fourth, Leo Rothmedici, who was barely holding onto his flailing younger sister, said, 

“Hyung, Lucia must be hungry, since yesterday she kept crying,” 

It wasn’t just the younger sister who was hungry. 

Rockefeller had also starved for several days, and the third and fourth were also in the same boat – the only one who’d had something to eat recently was the second child, Andrew, who had probably filled his stomach while wandering around outside somehow.  

‘Ah, I’m going crazy,’

How did it get to this point?

Though he couldn’t think of a reason, there was no next thing if this hunger could not be solved. 

Looking at the faces of his hungry younger siblings, Rockefeller felt many complicated emotions, even as he opened his mouth to speak, 

“I got a little money from the lord for this funeral. I haven’t used all of it and left a little bit, so let’s try solving it with that today,” 

Except for the crying youngest, the rest of his siblings looked up at Rockefeller with hopeful gazes, 


“Then are we going to eat today?”

“Rockefeller-hyung is the best!”

The younger siblings felt better instantly and began to chatter, but Rockefeller still felt anxious. 

‘Right now, that money can solve our issues for a few days, but the problem is after that….’

If his plans were not possible or even failed, then Rockefeller was even considering the worst-case scenario of having to work under the lord. 

‘If I fail, there’s nothing we can do. Even if we don’t like it, we’d have no choice but to go to the fields. It’s not like we can starve to death trying to keep our status,’

After returning home from the funeral, Rockefeller went out to the market to buy some vegetables for a light soup and a snack.

Memories were still flowing in from time to time, so preparing a simple meal for his siblings in a somewhat familiar world wasn’t difficult. Before he came to possess the body, Rockefeller taking care of his younger siblings was a regular occurrence after all. 

“It’s so tasty!”

“Hey, eat less! Elder-hyung needs to eat too!”

“Rockefeller-hyung, aren’t you going to eat?” 

Since it was their first meal in a while, the younger siblings ate up even the tasteless food Rockefeller made for them with gusto. 

Even their youngest, who had only cried so far, was filling her empty stomach using both hands.

Strangely, Rockefeller, who had been dying to eat, didn’t have an appetite. 

‘It doesn’t make sense….’

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Awwww idk why but feeding others while hungry themselves just puts out that emotion in me.
This chap reminds me that a real good quick snack is miso soup! Literally just hot water and a ball of miso, stir em a bit and you got something to sit on stomach a few hours! Been having that for breakfast for a while now. Or eat an apple.
I also really like barely soup and lentil soup. Seriously underrated


I love the siblings their so cute 🥰
Thanks for your hard work in translation 👍


That last paragraph tho TT_TT…. He couldn’t bring himself to eat


:(( this feels bad


Rockefeller, thats the feeling of eldest sibling… ugh i kinda sad rn :(( i hope they can eat and live comfortably from now on


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[…] Twitter Patreon PayPal Kofi < TOC […]


:((( this feels bad

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