Chapter 30

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

Around a month after Rockefeller had started his job at Banco, a group of people he had never seen before came to Banco. 

Unlike ordinary people, these outsiders were armed with swords and bows and looked strong and tough even at first glance. Sweat and blood clung to them like they hadn’t had a good wash in a long time.

Unlike Rockefeller, who became cautious upon seeing them, Carter saw through them at once, 

“Ah, we have guests,”

The Seer barracks were right next door, and the number of guests they usually had in the day was around three. Since they were far too bold to be robbers who had come to rob Banco, Carter realised they were not robbers but guests.

Fortunately, his deduction wasn’t wrong.

“Why so stiff? We’re here to exchange money,” Unlike their rugged faces, they smiled brightly, which completely melted the tense atmosphere of the shop. 

Despite having frozen for a moment, Rockefeller could soon infer their identity; ‘Are these the merchants hired by the lord?’.

Due to the increasing number of Orcs loitering around the estate, the lord was rumoured to have hired outside mercenaries to take care of it, so it wasn’t hard to guess. 

‘I should be right.’

“Are you perhaps the rumours hired by the lord? It’s just; I’ve never seen you around,” 

One of the men facing Rockefeller scratched his cheek and smiled, 

“Looks like you know the situation well. Hey owner, what are you doing? I’m so busy I feel like I’ll die – hurry and do the exchange,” the mercenary said, 

At that point, Carter left the job with Rockefeller and went straight inside to the back of the shop.

“You take care of it,”

“Okay, if there’s an issue, I’ll call you,” 

Although one of the reasons was that he didn’t want to deal with troublesome customers, he also left it to Rockefeller to get more experience with the job. 

When the owner went off, and the little boy stepped up to deal with him, the mercenary, who felt it was weird, tilted his head and gave Rockefeller a long look, 

“What’s a kid who barely learned to walk doing business for? Are you the owner’s son or something?” It was a blunt remark thrown out without much thought. The mercenary didn’t feel that the two particularly looked alike. 

“No sir, I am the assistant working under him,”


It wasn’t that strange to have an assistant in a Banco, but he recognised that this Banco was small and located far to the outskirts of the Empire. 

It was somewhat surprising that there was an assistant in a Banco like this – it wasn’t like the Imperial City or a special location like Lyon, where commerce was well developed.

“Unlike how it looks, business seems to be doing well,” 

As he was a very experienced mercenary who had wandered around the entire continent and seen many things, it was very easy for him to take one glance and understand that despite being in such a rural area, business was going well for this Banco. 

“Yes, I’ve heard that the store’s income has increased a lot since I came in,” 

The mercenary whistled at the confident words of the young assistant, 

“Oh yeah, contrary to how you look, it seems you have a knack for handling money?” 

At the same time, the two mercenaries behind him muttered a few words to each other; of course, they weren’t pleasant words. 

“Goblin-like bastards,” 

“Being good at playing with interest – does he go beyond hell?” 

The first mercenary didn’t pay attention to his colleagues’ words and began to speak once again – he threw 3 Talents at Rockefeller carelessly, 

“Change everything to this territory’s shillings. We’ll be here for a while,” 

They were mercenaries who wandered all over the continent, so they preferred keeping imperial gold coins – Talents- with them so that they could go to any territory and exchange them for the shillings of that particular territory. 

As long as they had Talents, they could easily exchange the local currency as needed. 

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