Chapter 37

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

While they continued chatting, Rockefeller was thinking about something else, 

‘If they don’t know about the existence of the Orc Sorcerer, then the Hound Mercenaries would have come without any preparation,’

No matter how renowned they were on the battlefield, they couldn’t look down on an orc sorcerer who could perform magic. 

‘They’ll definitely need a mage to participate in the subjugation. Without a mage, the subjugation itself wouldn’t work,’

If the Hound Mercenaries didn’t want to abandon this job, they would have to hire a talented mage who could respond to the orc sorcerer’s magic.

 When the idea popped up, Rockefeller quietly raised the corners of his mouth, 

‘If we handle this well, we might have found a place to give out an unexpected loan.’ 

Unlike the one in mercenaries, the price of hiring a mage was sky-high – in other words, if they didn’t have enough money available straight away, they would need a loan. 

‘Short term loans tend to have steep interest rates.’

‘You gave three shillings per talent as the exchange fee? You’re not even some kind of idiot, but you got ripped off.’ 

The Captain of the Hound Mercenaries, Carl, arrived in front of the Banco of the Montefeltro Fief to safely store the deposit they had received as the advance for the mission this time. 

He still couldn’t believe that his men, who wouldn’t blink in front of the most heinous monsters, had been ripped off by a boy behind the counter of a banco. 

‘How much of a dumbass did you look like that you got ripped off by a kid? What can I expect from those who chase the smell of blood? What would they know about bargaining?’ 

Carl coughed loudly to announce his presence in the shop. 

And as he did, he thought, 

‘Something like bargaining… you have to do it like me,’ 

He had entered, thinking things would be different if he were the one talking, but soon, he was hearing some absurd words as well, 

“What? How much did you say?!” 

Rockefeller looked up at the mercenary who looked even taller and more rugged than the ones who had come in yesterday and repeated what he had just said in a dull tone, 

“You want to store 150 Talents, right? The storage fee is 10% of the total amount, so that will be 15 Talents,” 

Carl seemed to be quite flustered by the words that had been repeated without a single change. 

His face became incredibly red. 

“15 Talents? No, what nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean 10% of the total amount as the storage fee? That’s crazy! You’ve gone completely insane!” 

Like any other customer before him, he decided that he did not want to continue this ridiculous conversation and tried to bring out the shop owner in person. 

He thought it would be better to meet the store owner in person and negotiate with them than to talk to the boy who wasn’t an owner. 

“Never mind, where’s the owner? I don’t think you’re the owner of this store?” 

“Why are you looking for the owner?”

“I’ll bargain with the owner directly, directly. What is wrong with this storage fee?” 

“You don’t have to do that. I’m in charge of loans and gold coin storage here,” 

“A kid like you? Are you saying a little thing like you can become the owner of this place?” 

“Well, not exactly,” Rockefeller smiled brightly, in a way that didn’t quite suit him. 

 “Things won’t change much just because you meet the owner. I reckon I’m better to deal with than him anyway,” 

Carter, who had been making gold coins in the back, frowned a little at those words. 

‘No, what kind of audacity is this? What do you mean 10% of the amount entrusted will be the storage fee?’

In most Bancos, when a customer entrusted gold coins, the storage fee they paid was around 3%.

The storage of 3% wasn’t small, but it was sometimes a better option for those who wanted to keep gold coins safe or those who wanted to hide them without anyone knowing. 

It was also a perfect option for those who could not carry a lot of gold coins alone because they could use the IOU certificate for portability. 

But 10% for the storage fees!?’

‘What will you do if the customer leaves at this rate? The amount of money they want to entrust isn’t small either. It’s as many as 150 Talents! It’s an incredible amount of money!’ 

While Carter was hesitating on whether he should step out or not, the conversation between Rockefeller and the Mercenary Captain, Carl continued.

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