Chapter 53

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

“Don’t lie! What kind of nonsense is that?” 

“I’m telling you the truth!” 

Andrew said to the children who had gathered around the fences to go weasel catching. They didn’t look satisfied. 

“If you worked at Banco, then you should get money! Why are you getting paper instead? I don’t understand it!” 

“Was it really paper? Not Talent?” 

“Yeah, he said it was some kind of borrowing certificate – he said that this would become money in the future,” 

“Borrowing certificate? What’s that?” 

“I haven’t heard of that before,” 

“Andrew, didn’t your brother get scammed in Banco?” 

In their common sense, only gold and silver were real money, and the promissory note that Andrew’s older brother, Rockefeller, had brought back was not real money. 

“I feel like he might have been scammed,” 

“Me too,” 

“You think the same way, don’t you?”


But Andrew still looked confident. 

“It’s not a scam, so don’t worry. If you take this to the Banco, then they’ll exchange it for gold,” 


“Is that really for real?” 


“Wow, awesome!” 

“That’s not a lie, is it?”

Andrew smiled and replied, 

“My brother works in Banco, of course, it’s true! Why else would my brother bring back paper from Banco?” 

“Wow, that’s so cool! If I take that to Banco, they’ll change it to a Talent right away? Then it’s like money, right?” 

“That’s right. If you can change it at the Banco for a Talent, then it’s money!”

Andrew responded as if he had been waiting for those words.

“Obviously, it’s money – otherwise, would I have said it’s money? You’ll see. My brother said that people will use that paper like money – just watch, and you’ll find out whether it’s true or not,” 

Just as Andrew was explaining to the kids his own age, Rockefeller, who had stopped by the market, worked hard. 

However, the difference from Andrew was that he was directly interacting with people to use the gold certificate as if it were money.

“….. What’s that?” 

Rockefeller, who had just gotten his clothes tailored at the tailor’s store, paid something in paper. 

“Oh, this?” 

His reaction was so within expectations that Rockefeller began to explain the new promissory note he had given without changing his expression. 

“I got it from Banco as my salary. You said you’d take a Banco promissory note instead of Talent, right?” 

In the case of a shop run by a tailor, it was a place where the money came and went in larger amounts than other stores, so in addition to transactions done with gold coins, a gold certificate was also accepted like money. 

“That’s true but….” 

There was a reason why his expression wasn’t so good. 

The promissory note Rockefeller had given wasn’t the gold certificate he usually sees but a completely new one. 

“Our shop does accept promissory notes … However, this isn’t a promissory note I’ve seen before.” 

When Rockefeller heard that, he explained the 1Gold promissory note as if he had been waiting for the chance.

Upon hearing the explanation, the tailor was taken aback and asked, 

“The lord is guaranteeing this?” 

The existing promissory certificate, also known as a gold certificate, was called 1IOU – Banco directly guaranteed it. 

1Gold, on the other hand, was guaranteed by the lord’s loan certificate and would thus be directly guaranteed by the lord rather than the Banco.

“Yes, exactly. The promissory note given by the lord to our store was issued as the collateral for 1Gold, which means it’s technically true that the lord is guaranteeing it.” 

“Well, that’s what I’m saying,” 

There was a curious look in the tailor’s eyes as he stared at the new promissory note. 

‘The lord guarantees it? Not even Banco’s guild but the lord?’

Was there a promissory note in the world that could be guaranteed not by the Banco business but rather by the lord of the land?

The tailor was still only half-sure.

“You’re not lying, are you?” 

“Lie? Don’t you know I work in Banco?” 

The tailor was one of the best customers of the Carter Banco – there was no way he didn’t know that Rockefeller worked there. 

“No, I know you’re working there, it’s just that I’ve never seen something like this before.” 

“It hasn’t been long since it came out,” 

A completely new form of promissory note.

The tailor, who had been agonising over it for a while, decided to check first. 

Like the previous 1IOU, there was no reason not to accept it if the Banco could exchange it for a Talent without any problems. 

“First, I’ll go to your shop and check it myself. It’s kind of bad to just take your word for it and simply accept it,” 

“Of course, do whatever you want. Will you be going to the store with me now?” 

The tailor went to the Carter Banco with Rockefeller and got his 1Gold exchanged for a Talent. 

Of course, up to here, he faced no issues.

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