Chapter 57

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

In the meantime.

Rockefeller brought the Talents and shillings they had wanted from within the shop. 

“Feel free to count it. It should all be there,” 

When the man, who checked everything, informed the girl there was no problem, the girl, instead of leaving the store, began to ask questions, 

“If you’re working in a Banco, then you must be a commoner? I have something to ask you,” 

When the girl suddenly started to converse with him after being quiet in Rockefeller’s presence the entire time, the man who was with her became a little flustered, but he quickly regained his composure and said, 

“She is a high-ranking person. Be mindful of your manners, commoner.” 

As the girl had spoken to him, others had too – so Rockefeller wasn’t flustered. This happened from time to time when working at the Banco, so Rockefeller wasn’t embarrassed by the man’s stern tone and showed courtesy to the girl. 

‘Is she a noble?’

Although he had suspected they were both nobles from the beginning; he hadn’t expected that the girl would be the higher ranking of the two. 

The girl must have been the offspring of some noble family. And the man who was with her was likely her attendant.

‘But where are these people from? I think it’s my first time seeing them.’

There were very few nobles and wealthy people within the Montefeltro Territory, and Rockefeller had become familiar with most of them. He had seen them all at least once or twice while working within the Banco. 

‘Then are they outsiders?’

“My apologies for not recognising you as such. It hasn’t been long since I started working here, so my eyes cannot discern high-ranking people yet. Please extend your generosity and forgive me,” 

When Rockefeller asked for forgiveness with courtesy, the man closed his mouth with satisfaction. 

Now that an appropriate atmosphere had been laid out to hold the conversation, the man nodded to the girl to continue, and the girl spoke out towards Rockefeller. 

“First of all, what’s your name,” 

Something like his name wasn’t necessary here. What was important was his surname and his family’s name. 

What the girl was asking, when she asked his name, was to find out where Rockefeller was from and who he might be affiliated with. It was something one could roughly determine from someone’s surname. 

“I am Rockefeller Rothmedici,” 


It was the first time she had heard this name. 

Still, she glanced at the man just in case and made sure there were no issues. 

“You can converse with him comfortably,” 

When the man said that, it meant that it was okay to do anything when dealing with this boy. It was possible to slap him on the cheek or even kill him if she so wished. But she was just curious and had no intention of harming Rockefeller. 

“Rothmedici… it’s my first hearing it. There’s something I want to ask you, as a commoner,” 

“Of course, I’ll answer anything,” Rockefeller bowed his head and lowered his gaze. 

“The promissory note you traded earlier, didn’t you feel any problem with it?” 

Rockefeller unconsciously raised his head and tried to look at the girl to answer but hurriedly bowed his head again. It was just for a moment, but he felt an icy gaze on him when he raised his head. 

‘It’s my first time talking like this, so it’s unfamiliar – I think I just made a mistake.’

Even when the lord came in, they never talked like this, so he had unintentionally raised his head without permission. But the girl didn’t seem to care much. 

“I want to look at each other while talking – would that be okay? I want to have a comfortable conversation.”

When the girl turned to the man asked, the man nodded quietly. Rockefeller’s existence was so insignificant that there was no problem even if she showed her face to this face. 

As soon as the man granted his permission, the girl took off her hood and continued, 

“Raise your head. It’s okay to look. I want to talk comfortably,” 

As Rockefeller raised his head, the girl with purple hair looked straight at him.

‘I think it’s my first time seeing a noble’s daughter.’ 

The difference between innocent commoner girls of the same age was obvious – perhaps because they grew up as nobility?  It was kind of a hard-to-approach air that surrounded her. 

It wasn’t just that she was a noble. Her appearance was exceptionally elegant for someone of her young age. 

‘Even so, she looks like a kid.’ 

Soon after, Rockefeller, who had the spirit of an adult, quickly regained his composure and faced the girl calmly. 

“Now answer, did you not feel that there were any problems?” 

Since she was telling him to be comfortable, he had no choice but to be comfortable. 

“Yes, I didn’t feel there was anything there. Rather, I want to ask you, why do you feel there was a problem?” 

The man narrowed his eyes over the child, whose attitude had suddenly shifted. No matter how comfortable they had told him to be, usually, when it came to commoners, they would hesitate to even step in the shadow of an aristocrat.

It was common for low-ranking people to be restless and nervous when talking to aristocrats, but how dare this mere commoner with an unknown family name to speak so calmly against a member of a high-ranking noble family? 

The man, who was slightly upset, could vaguely guess the reason, 

‘Is he not scared because he’s still young? Or… did he become unafraid of aristocrats because he works at the Banco?’

Banco was a place where even high-browed aristocrats relaxed their overbearing posture. That’s what happened because you have to entrust the money that was as precious as your own blood and even borrow money.

Perhaps it was because this boy worked in such a place that he could be fearless. 

‘How can he look at me like that? Normally we wouldn’t even make eye contact properly.’

The same thing was running through the girl’s mind who faced Rockefeller. 

She had wanted to chat comfortably, but she had never imagined he would become so comfortable.

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Did you split the translation? I remember this was chapter 35 in the old website


after read this long I wonder how author would deal with how MC’s family lack of power

they could gain huge profit and make some people into debt but how would they enforce it


Thanks for the translation.

Knight A

Thanks for the chapters.
Is there any reason you’re not posting chapters? It’s been days since the last chapter.
I hope we get next chapters soon.

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