Chapter 59

Translator: Tani
Editor: Sefyna

“Azrak Goldmine? I think I’ve heard of that.” 

“Yes, it was one of the more well-known gold mines on the continent. But now, I hear that all the gold veins have dried up and died. This territory had been incorporated into the imperial territory after the dwarves withdrew from it,”

The little girl pointed out the little possibility of hope, 

“If there was such a big gold vein in the past, wouldn’t it still be there?” 

The man, however, denied even the slight possibility of such a thing, 

“My Lady, the dwarves, who care more for gold than their own limbs, would not be that soft. If any gold veins were alive on this land, there would be no reason for them to abandon it. But they left – without any regrets. That means this land is already dead.” 

As thought to emphasise his words, the man continued,

“There’s a good reason for everything in the world, My Lady,” 

When the idea that there was gold in this land that could cause conflict had dried up, the girl had run out of things to say.

What was clear was that there was definitely a problem with those strange promissory notes issued by this Banco. 

However, for those issues to arise, the situation in this land had to deteriorate, or the lord’s credit status had to be jeopardised. 

But since there was no way to point that out anymore, she, as an outsider, could not take any further issue with it. 

“Is that so?” 

If there was no specific or immediate problem, then getting involved was a nuisance. 

Rockefeller, who watched their exchange closely, judged that the girl would probably not throw out any other issues on the subject and said, 

“Thank you very much for your concern about our shop, but if the lord’s credit is strong, there will likely be no problems,” 

She had exchanged her promissory notes for Talents. 

All of her questions had also been answered.

When there was nothing else to see, the girl looked at the man, who acted quickly, having realised what she was saying. 

“Then, shall we go?” 

The girl, who had turned to follow the man without saying anything, abruptly turned around and asked Rockefeller an unexpected question, 

“What if – what if there was a problem with the lord’s credit? It probably won’t happen, but what if it does?” 

1 in 10-thousand. 

What would you do if that 1 in 10-thousand thing happened? 

Rockefeller paused at the girl’s question. Then he answered without a lie. 

“At that time, we would somehow find a way to get the money we lent back no matter what.” 

The girl had asked the question without expecting much of a response.

On the other hand, the girl was taken aback, and even the man holding the door at the shop’s threshold turned around and looked at Rockefeller.

Would such words come from a 15-year-old boy?

At that moment, they could no longer see Rockefeller as the young banco assistant who lowered himself to deal with nobility. 

Sitting in that chair behind the counter, he looked like a devilish creditor who would do anything to get his money back. 

“If I cannot receive money from my lord, I’ll take something of corresponding worth instead. If there is no money to reimburse his debt, then the rights of his castle and his lordship – and if he didn’t even have that, then the land would do. I would take the lord’s soul if he didn’t have the land.” 

Rockefeller once again smiled the bright and innocent smile at the two, who had yet to move another step. 

“After all, we never do business that causes a loss.”

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why so scawwy~


Reminds me of the jocker dialogue from Thr Dark Knight .. Why so SERIOUS!!!




Ya verán cuando un día vean a ese chico diabólico tras el mostrador convertido en noble y dueño de esta misma tierra

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