Chapter 62

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“My lady, like I said, it’s an absolutely impossible story,” 

“Tell me. How can someone like you get the money back from the Lord? You were saying you could so confidently before, right?” 

The man tried to stop the girl but she continued to question it. 

“Can’t you just tell me? It shouldn’t matter if you just tell me right?” 

Rockefeller was stuck in a difficult position when the girl who was about to leave, began showing renewed interest in the subject. 

‘Ah, she was a Sinclair mage wasn’t she? The kind who can’t stand being curious.’

The reason why she ended up becoming one of the main heroes and entangled with the main character was because of a situation not dissimilar to this one. 

She couldn’t hold back her usual curiosity, coincidentally developed an interest in the main character, which later turned into her liking him.

‘Seeing how persistent she is, she must have used the ‘Eyes of Truth’ (正眼) and saw that I lied.’

Nevertheless, from Rockefeller’s point of view, the man with the same power had responded in a way that was the complete opposite to this little girl, which meant that he wasn’t completely without options. 

‘One says it’s nonsense and the other keeps asking me to tell them as if I’m hiding some great secret – but in fact, there’s nothing much.’

Whether she could see through his inner-most thoughts or not, Rockefeller decided to stick to the same attitude until the end. 

“Isn’t it natural to just go and get the money back? That’s why I said that, but if you misunderstand it that much, then I have nothing to say…” 

The girl looked disappointed and the man thought that it was a waste of time.

“My lady, usually those who belong to the Banco are not always honest, even when it seems like they are telling the truth, wearing a smiling mask – there is always a deeper lie made of greed behind it. Perhaps the misunderstanding My Lady had might have had some influence on the boys denial. Although we can see through another’s lies with the power of the ‘Eyes of Truth’, it is simply the essence we see, we cannot read their minds,” 

The reason that man had come to a different conclusion to the girl despite having the same power, was due to this reason. The Eyes of Truth did not show them another person’s thoughts. 

And besides, those from the Banco were not honest people to begin with. 

They were those blinded by greed, who smiled while they lied for profit. 

“I think it’s just the boy’s one-sided wish to retrieve the money – and it’s probably because he works for the Banco, that he seems shrouded in half-truths. Anyway,” 

The man continued, 

“They are those who dare go against the world of god and receive the god’s anger,” 

“God’s anger?” 

“One of the reasons people from the Banco are criticised is because they receive interest in return for lending out money,” 

“Is that a problem?” 

“Interest is something one receives across the time they’ve lent out money. As you know, time is God’s territory, so to use time a means for self-interest is unacceptable.” 

The man expressed his own conclusion, 

“Since they are like that, from the perspective of the ‘Eyes of Truth’ they might always seem to be lying on the inside and my Lady may have come to a misunderstanding because of that,” 


“I’m saying that this is what it could be – my Lady must make the final judgement,” 

When Rockefeller heard that, he almost laughed out loud without realising it. 

Interfering in the realm of time and receiving gods fury…

‘There are people who mug others at sword-point, and people who use magic to put themselves above others – but rather than them, we’re the ones who anger god? Compared to them, I’d say we’re downright saints.’

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I mean… they all destroy lives, just in different ways. ldk which one is worse😅😅


He right about that if there’s no banco how can a stable civilization exist 😆



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