Chapter 68

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As soon as dawn came, the two brothers headed to the mercenary camp that was located in the clearing of the forest, some distance away from the village. 

The mercenaries had begun preparing from early in the morning because today was the day that the Orc Subjugation mission would begin 

As they arrived at the mercenary camp, the mercenaries quickly noticed two children wandering closer and reported as much to Set, who was directly below the Mercenary Captain in their hierarchy. 

The fact that the children would running errands for them had already been discussed with the rest of the mercenaries last night and everyone agreed that once the subjugation was in full swing, labour would become far too precious to send mercenaries to gather food.

“So you’re the kids – I got word about it last night,” Set greeted them.

“Where’s the Ajusshi from yesterday? We have to meet that Ajusshi.” 

As Andrew glanced around the mercenary camp, looking for the mercenary they had spoke to yesterday, Set scratched the back of his head, 

“You can just speak to me – you guys are going to be gathering ingredients for us right?” 


“Leave it to us! We’ll do a really good job!” 

As the two children responded with vigour, Set led them further into the camp, 

“Then, do you see that Ajusshi holding a ladle over there? Everyday, if you go to that Ajusshi, he’ll tell you what is needed, you just need to go to the market and buy everything he tells you to.” 

Before he’d even finished talking, the two children were readily walking away from him, so Set had to call them back, 

“Hey, wait a second. What are your names? If we’re going to be seeing you often, we should at least know them.” 

“Our names?” 

“Right, what are your names?” 

“I’m Andrew Rothmedici!” 

“And I’m Joshua Rothmedici!” 

Upon hearing their bright reponses, Set came to realise that the two children were commoners.

‘Rothmedici… so they’re commoners.’

“But you guys…” 

Set paused, hesitating as he recalled the young boy he had met from the Banco that time. 

Andrew and Joshua’s faces seem to overlap with Rockfeller’s at places. 

‘Huh there’s no way things like that happen. I must be imagining things.’ 

“It’s nothing. Anyway, do well from now on. Head over there now, Levan will be waiting for you there.” 

“Yes sir!” 

The two brothers answered loudly, and headed to the place that Set was pointing to you. They found a tent decorated like a simply kitchen and came to face a chef with a wooden prosthetic leg. 


In the past, he too had been a mercenary who stood on the battlefield but after losing a leg in a battle with an ogre, he became a chef in charge of his colleague’s meals. 

Despite missing a leg, he was a very big person and so appeared incredibly intimidating to the two children. 

“Are you the ones? The kids who are going to be getting ingredients from the market today?” 


Despite their clear response, Levan’s expression was grumpy and he looked at the two brothers with doubt, 

They looked a little young to be running errands like this and he had heard it was their first time doing something like this too. 

But what would they do? 

It was necessary to find someone to bring the ingredients on behalf of the busy mercenaries, 

‘Just looking at them like this, I don’t think they’ll try to cheat us.’ 

When asked to run errands like this, there would occasionally be idiots who would buy bad ingredients for cheap and fill their own stomachs with the remaining money.

That was part of the reason Levan was making the mercenaries run the errands themselves. But looking at these kids, he thought it just might work better this way too. 

Thats because he thought the children would be naive. 

“You guys. If you secretly run away with the money after saying you’re going to run errands, you know those Ajusshi’s out there will be going out together to catch your right?” 

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Dude just gave the kids idea to embezzle. They were going to do honest work 😩😩

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