Chapter 2

Translator: Juss
Editor: Rigel

The public was buzzing due to the sudden incident. The death of Lee Si-hyun, a member of the popular idol group Lemegeton. The trending keywords on various forum sites were all covered with it, and numerous reporters and fans flocked to the hospital, but no one could enter due to the tight security. As a result, all kinds of speculations and rumours became rampant and seemed to ride the wave of mourning, but soon began to spread a vicious rumour. It might be natural. Lee Si-hyun was the only member who had more antis than fans.

[Anonymous] Maybe he died because he was being punished by god. 

Comments of such fashion received more support than hate and were at the forefront of the discussion. Most of the comments below were also vulgar or malicious, and sometimes, there were comments asking not to insult the deceased, but most of them were buried silently. 

‘What should I do if I can’t take the money I earned to the afterlife after doing everything I did; I tried to leave Lemegeton and to move to the other company, but I ended up leaving my life’

Public opinion turned back to sympathy, despite the vicious comments still piling up.

Comments started coming up saying that the people who posted malicious comments went too far and that it was too much to insult the dead in that fashion. All of them were not funny.

At that time, Lee Si-hyun’s younger sister was exhausted and collapsed while sobbing after confirming her brother’s body, and all the members who ran in a hurry looked dark and silent. Seo Rajun, the only one who showed tears, caressed the back of Lee Si-hyun’s hand, which had hardened because he was a corpse, he could not even look at the body covered in white cloth. Feeling that he was not alive, he cried louder, once again, the morgue was engulfed in silence after Lee Sanyu, who couldn’t stand it, took Seo Rajun outside.

They couldn’t say anything.

The last time they saw him, only swearwords were thrown around.

Rumours that he would leave the group without consulting with them made the members who heard about it ask him if they were true, Lee Si-hyun simply went into his room without saying anything. Someone turned him by his shoulder and pushed him harshly. It was Kang Eui-hyun, who was hot-tempered, he turned his eyes to Lee Si-hyun’s urging him to talk with a tired face. 

‘How much more should we endure? You punk!’ Criticism poured down with harsh swear words as if the dissatisfactions of the past had finally exploded. Lee Sanyu was silent, and Yoo Chan went into the studio. In the meantime, only Seo Rajun tried to stop the fight, but it didn’t work.

Lee Si-hyun seemed to have lost his mind gradually.

The room stayed still, until Kang Eui-hyun tired from grabbing Lee Si-hyun and not getting a reply, he cussed and left him alone.

Seo Rajun, who came late, patted him on the shoulder, asking if he was okay, but he suddenly stood up and approached the manager who had been watching him restlessly, saying, “Well, I have to go film.” Filming? Everyone was dumbfounded and watched as he forcibly took the car key from the manager who shook his head saying that it would be impossible to go now and asked to just cancel the schedule.

Then Kang Eui-hyun, who only looked at him going out without even stopping him, burst out in rage again. ‘You crazy Punk!’ He kicked a chair which hit the ground with a loud bang.

After a while they heard the news.

Lee Si-hyun, who came back, was now a cold corpse.

It was a car accident. It was very late at night, and it was a desolate place, so the paramedics couldn’t arrive immediately, they crashed out of the guardrail. Everyone was speechless when they heard that they had been left in pain for about an hour in a state of being unable to even open their mouths. 

Kang Eui-hyun bowed his head. Lee Si-hyun, who was lying down, remained the same even after he blinked several times. ‘No matter how much I hated you and how angry I was, or how frustrated I was. Even so…

We never said you could go and die…

Hey, Get up.

You’re trying to deceive us again right? You think we wouldn’t know?… Did you really think I’d fall for it?…’

Realising his voice was trembling, Kang Eui-hyun did not stop talking. He’s scared that this is really the last time he sees him. 

‘Lee Si-hyun, wake up. I won’t get mad if you wake up now. I’ll be patient… I will be patient. I’ll do that.


However, it was not long after he burst into tears , he could not endure the cold appearance of Lee Si-hyun, who wouldn’t wake up no matter how many times the trembling voice asked him.

And after that night.

The Internet began to be plastered with shocking reports that Lee Si-hyun, who was declared dead, opened his eyes again.

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