Chapter 4 Part 2

Translator: Juss
Editor: Rigel

[Le-me-geton 1X1018 TVK Music Chart RUN Lax High Definition-Fifteen GIF + My selfishness| +KIMI Included]

Oh, first of all…



I’m crying TT TT TT Does this make sense?

This concept is amazing. There were a lot, but this…This… Oppa…

TT TT TT TT I was kneeling down in front of the TV. You have to watch this in a reverent manner TT TT

Leton wasn’t supposed to be this refreshing, but I was pushing ahead with the oppa concept and suddenly…  TT TT TT I’d appreciate it if you could come with an open mind.

Thank you so much, boss, stylist, manager. First, take my bow TT TT TT TT

No need for all these words, just watch the video:

(1X1018) Today’s natural Leton Lax high-definition full version. avi)

*  *  *

Oh oppa, I really don’t know what to say…

[High Definition Youtube Video Link]

I don’t think that’s possible, but my consideration for everyone who didn’t get the link yet!!!!

As you can see… They look drowsy… but it’s… Fatal… Especially in the second half, the song suddenly stops and all the five of them turn their heads and sigh as if they were sleepy TT TT TT TT My heart is beating so fast!!! I’m still a minor, but, is that sexiness I see? Huh? Someone call the police, ^^

There’s a prospective criminal here. Me ^^

Amon was so energetic and hot… Wasn’t Monmon famous for his fierce looks? But today his potential exploded… and honestly, I… I didn’t expect it at all. And our Seere… still, like a puppy… Like an angel… you know *crying* Our Seere TT… but today, our sanctuary was broken. Our dancing machine hit it from the beginning… Lord TT TT TT TT It was such a hard routine I think I fell for it again…

Ah, and Caim…

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about him…

I admit it was a hit this time too. I can’t deny this.

He was the only one who was quiet during the warm concept, but it really felt like he became more lively during this concept. It also hurts that there are so many people who became fans of this. But I don’t know. When I see the stage, I open my mouth and admire it, but the more I fan the Leton, the more I fall for him…

And after the show I heard that he did something big. LOL

On his way back to the van, a fan (She’s also an individual fan of Caim) cried and was pushed from behind and touched Caim. Other fans said she reached out without even realizing she would fall, but the problem was that she was pushed by Caim as soon as she touched him…

Also I heard that Caim looked at her coldy and cursed at her. (Not sure)

My Seere greeted the fans kindly and signed their stuff, and after that incident, he went in quickly. TT TT His eyes were shaking and he asked if the fan was okay. TT TT TT TT Our Ose didn’t say much back then either, But he didn’t look so happy… They said he’s always in a bad relationship with the other members because of this, there’s a rumour that he’s the only one who uses a room for two people by himself.

I wasn’t going to say this, but I heard that Caim sponsors are starting a war. Do you want to make money by doing that? I don’t understand…

I already knew he was crazy about money, but these days it’s really amazing. I’m nervous because I think our oppa’s image is getting worse TT TT if that’s the case, I’d rather just want him to leave. It’d be unimaginable if we were talking about other groups, but he’s just… oh…

Oh, I’m suddenly hit with reality.

I’ll put the Gifs on the attached file, everyone…

I’m going to watch their videos to recover from my mental breakdown…

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  • Oh my God. You and I are the same TT TT I kept on repeating the sigh endlessly
    • Hahaha Really? I wasn’t the only one who did that TT TT I want to cut off the
      • sigh sound on every performance and release the video. Seriously…
        • If You make it, please share it with me
          • Don’t forget me, everyone…
  • Today’s performance, the cameraman is fucking shit, but our oppa’s overcome that with their beauty.
    • All of a sudden the camera director is freaking out hahahahahah
      • How many times do you rotate the camera? is this a circus LOL
        • It’s so fun to follow the movement of Amon while he is performing his solo… hahahaha
  • It was shocking to be honest…
    • Enough
      • I was depressed
        • No, is that what it means? LOL
          • But… I understand what you mean…
            • Me too… hahahahahha






  • Yes, today’s performance was a huge hit; the stubborn individual fan who was pushed back over there was my friend… Yes, the rumours surrounding him were dirty, and he was hard on the fans, and instead of giving fan service, he worked with a dark face every day, She even made a Caim placard and cheered for him, but she was pushed back from behind by other fans, and hit Caim, she didn’t know she would hit Caim when she fell TT TT  Seere woke her up from her bewildered state, but she couldn’t understand the situation well and she cried because she was in pain and after everyone went to the van. He said he found out because other fans told him; I knew that he really hates when someone touches him, but this is too much… My friend is crying profusely while talking about this on the phone.
  • The shield is coming now. LOL
    • This is either a shield, or the fan really was just pushed over and fell.
      • Take care of that friend. Are you okay?
        • but it’s not the first time, It was crazy at the last fan signing
          • During the Fan signing event? Wasn’t the fan at fault then?
            • Someone posted an explanation regarding that fan! She said she only asked to shake hands once, after receiving her autograph, but he only stared at her without saying a word. While she was staring at him, he suddenly got up. It is said that he went straight to the van; during the fan signing event.
              • LoL… Really? I heard that he said to cut off the fan’s hand and throw it somewhere. LOL

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