Will you release the raws of the novels you are working on?

No, we will try and do the MTL where we can so it’s available to people but because we try and pay for all of our raws where we can, we do not share the raws of the novels.

Will you translate any other novels / I have this novel that I love will you guys translate it?

We can only take on projects if we have the people for it. That isn’t to say that we can’t take anything on at all, but feel free to contact me on discord – there is a channel for ideas and feedback where you can submit suggestions and the next time I have spare staff or time, they would be prioritised. Please note, we only consider requests if you can provide all or a portion of the raws.

Can I put your work on my site/can I repost your work?

No. No you cannot. I (Tani) personally pay for any of the raws we use on this website where we can so anything I’ve paid for should only show up on my website

What’s your upload schedule?

We don’t have a set concrete upload schedule. The translators and all staff have their own lives and we do this in our spare time, so we work with flexibility and do what we can where we can. If you want to keep updated every time a chapter is updated, feel free to join the discord.

Are you going to be translating the full novel?

Yes, that is the plan. You never know about the future but going in it, any novel we take on, we do plan to finish the novel we take on. If for any reason we can’t we will always make it clear and advertise that novel to other translators for them to pick it up.

I’ve found typos and grammatical errors in your work, is it okay to comment about or point it out to you?

Of course, if you do come across any inconsistencies, grammatical errors or even a sentence that doesn’t really make sense because they’ve been translated weirdly, feel free to let us know! We’re only human and there may be times where we get things wrong. We will try to edit and change things to make it comfortable and convenient to read.

I would like to join your team / What is your recruitment process like?

If you’re interested in working with us, everyone has to go through the recruitment page on the website, it’s a super easy quick form to fill out that allows me to keep track of those who have applied so I can make sure I’ve spoken to everyone and given everyone a fair chance. You can find the recruitment page under the main menu option.

I would love to see more of your work – what can I do to support you etc?

Well, ahem, we appreciate the love and attention! If you would like to support us then click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page. Support comes in many different ways, sometimes it’s a kind word on social media or even your presence as a member of my discord server or as a follower on twitter. If you would also like to make it more possible for us to continue this type of work and to do it this more frequently, then monetary support would also be very much welcome! Either way, thanks for taking the time to look at our work!

Can I commission a chapter of my favourite novel to be translated?

Of course you can, there is base cost of $10 per commissioned chapter – you must be able to provide the raws of the chapter you want translated – or there may be an extra cost if we have to purchase the raw ourselves. If the chapter goes over 2000 English words when translated, there will be extra $2 charge per 100 words. Most commissions will be completed by Tani but you can also nominate a translator if you would like for someone specific to do it.

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